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After Dark Distillery is a craft distillery located in beautiful Sicamous, BC.

Our Monashee Mountain Moonshine line includes vodka, gin, 8 flavours of moonshine and an old school moonshine.. Made with local grains, real mountain water and natural flavours, Monashee Mountain Moonshine’s taste is pure and honest.

We mash and ferment small batches of grains by hand, then distill and painstakingly capture only the best parts for aging to perfection.

Our hand crafted moonshine is made using traditional stills and methods just like the old days. We offer our top quality spirits at an old-fashioned price.

We are passionate about distilling spirits and making the most of what our lands has to offer. It’s a timeless art practiced in batches. We have a zest for life, an appreciation for defying the ordinary and sometimes the status quo.

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